Field of Innocence
    Burning Man, 2014
     by Joe Berman

Welcome to the online home of the art installation Field of Innocence. The art is a baseball field marked by nine posts, one for each fielder. Displayed on the posts are vintage baseball cards from the late 1960s to the early 1990s. At Burning Man, the installation was supplied with whiffle bats and balls, and visitors were invited to take a few swings.

Joe has no idea how the selected players would react to finding their likenesses transported to Burning Man. If you are one of the players—or if you would like to offer comments—feel free to email Joe at

Druh is pitching; Maxwell is at bat

The view from the pitcher’s post

The catcher’s post

Glue, varnish, and tacks hold down the baseball cards

At Burning Man, almost everyone travels by bicycle.
The Black Rock Mountains are in the distance.

A post and the artist. The lights turn on automatically at night

Field of Innocence

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