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Atlantic Cable - the History of Undersea Communications: 1850-2019
Babbage's Difference Engine at the Science Museum
Bridges of Somerset County, New Jersey
Core Memory - 1974
J.C. Cox's Gold Changer and Tills
John Dicas Proof Rule circa 1795
Edison's Electric Pen - the 1875 beginnings of modern copying technology
Electric Clocks
Fantastic Films
Goodchild's Trocheidoscope
Henry J. Green Catalogue: Meteorological Instruments
J. Halden Catalogue: Slide Rules & Scientific Instruments
Kelvin Balances
Kew Bridge Steam Museum
Lenticular Imaging: 3D and Animation
Liverpool International Exhibition, 1886
London And North Western Railway Telegraph Rules And Regulations, 1871
Lords of Lightning - a directory for communications history researchers
MITS Altair Computer Brochures
RCA Theremin Brochure
Timex Magnetic Disc Recorder (1954)
USA Today Dead Media Project Article
Valentia Heritage Centre
Waterlow's Lithographic Presses
Websters' Instrument Makers Database at the Adler Planetarium
Weston Electrical Instrument Corporation
Zenitherm - brochures and specifications for a 1920s architectural wall and floor material
Computer Services & Supplies
USS McLanahan
Links to Other Websites
Field of Innocence - an art installation at Burning Man 2014
Hart Evening Editorial Services - an editorial development house specializing in instruction and assessment for science and math at all grade levels.
Instruments for Science - Trade catalogues from 1800-1914 at the Smithsonian Institution
Mumford Books in the UK has an excellent selection of technical and industrial books, plus prints and photographs
Scientific & Medical Antiques - Desmond Squire in London is a knowledgeable dealer with many interesting instruments and books
Slide Rules - Rod Lovett's site includes a large archive of rules and a slide rule literature search

Gixen eBay Sniping Service

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