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Timex Magnetic Disc Recorder (1954 - 57)
From National Jeweler, October 1954

New TIMEX Magnetic Recorder

Less than 9 lbs. Complete == 9 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 4 7/8" high overall.

Unit, complete with microphone, radio-phono cord, eraser magnet and one recording disc $59.95. Dealer cost $39.96

Extra Attachments Available

NOW - for the first time, a recorder with all of these features:

Low cost
Simple to operate
Small size
Plays 45 RPM records
Discs can be folded and mailed
Discs compact for storage

This unique new magnetic disc recorder is especially suited to home and family use. It will record 'sound albums' of anniversaries, engagements, children's first words, birthday parties, correspondence in sound from distant friends and relatives. It will record direct from radio, phonograph and TV; and can be used for business recordings.

The unit is as simple to operate as a standard record player; nothing to thread, no tape to break or tangle, no needles to wear out, no complicated controls, no accidental erasures.

The recording discs, iron oxide on a plastic base, are extremely smooth, lightweight and flexible. They can be folded and mailed without damage - only first class postage required. Over 100 discs can be stored in the space required for one standard record album.

The scans and photos below of the Timex ad, manual, and equipment, were supplied by Joe Urban, whose uncle purchased the machine in 1957. Click on each image for a larger view.

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