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The second USS McLanahan (DD-615) was one of thirty Benson-class destroyers in the United States Navy during World War II. She was named for Tenant McLanahan.

McLanahan was laid down 29 May 1941 by the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Shipbuilding Division, San Pedro, California; launched 2 September 1942; sponsored by Mrs. Dorothy W. Howard; and commissioned 19 December 1942, Lieutenant Commander H. R. Hummer, in command.

McLanahan departed San Diego, California 19 February 1943 for assignment with DesRon 16, Atlantic Fleet. She arrived at Norfolk, Virginia 10 March and, after additional training at Casco Bay, Maine, and several coastal convoys, departed on her first transatlantic convoy, to Algeria, 28 April. She returned to the east coast 8 June, departing again for north Africa on the 11th. The destroyer arrived at Oran 21 June to prepare for Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily. From 6 to 15 July, she, with other units of TF 81, maintained an antisubmarine-antiaircraft screen to protect the invasion forces at Gela. She then returned to escort duties in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic.

During the next 9 months, her convoys suffered only three losses. In August 1943 Lieutenant Commander N.C. Johnson took command, and on 6 November, while en route to Naples from Oran, McLanahan's convoy was attacked by enemy aircraft which launched rocket bombs and torpedoes at the Allied ships. McLanahan escaped damage, but two merchantmen and one escort were lost. On 19 December 1943 a first birthday celebration was held for McLanahan in the Grand Ballroom of the St. George Hotel, Brooklyn, N.Y.


USS McLanahan

Reflections of the USS McLanahan by George E. Smith

U.S.S. McLanahan
DD 615

First Birthday

Grand Ballroom
St. George Hotel
Brooklyn, N.Y.

December 19, 1943

ON THE NINETEENTH OF DECEMBER 1942 in the land of sunshine, the U.S.S. McLanahan, affectionately called “Mighty Mac” by her crew, was commissioned, and Lt. Comm. H. R. Hummer assumed command as captain.

Since this date the deeds of the McLanahan have been many. In all these deeds she has upheld the term “Mighty Mac.”

In August 1943 Lt. Comm. N. C. Johnson relieved Commander Hummer of the command. Since taking command Captain Johnson has proven himself as worthy a skipper as may be found in the fleet. This has been proven by his handling of the ship while under fire.

It is the sincere wish of all hands that we may be together again on this date next year with Captain Johnson at the conn.

To Captain Johnson and Officers of the U.S.S. McLanahan—well done.


Photograph, Courtesy of “OUR NAVY”

of the
  Lt. Comm. N. C. Johnson, Captain T. H. Wildernradt, Ens.
  Lt. Comm. N. T. Winthrop, Ex. Officer J. E. Favel, Ens.
  B. S. Bachtel, Lt. S. W. Yount, Ens.
  S.W. Baker, Jr., Lt. L. L. Luymes, Ens.
  D. T. Caspary, Jr., Lt. H. W. Bixon, Ens.
  C. Aller, Lt. (J.G.) R. H. Pfitzenmaier, Ens.
  F.J. Peterson, Lt. (J.G.) R. F. Golden, Lt. (J.G.)
  H. G. Anderson, Ens. Burke, Ens.
  R. L. Warren, Ens. Tunis, Warrant, MM
  L. P. Gagliardi, Ens. Hobbs, Warrant, EM
  O. A. Harpster, Jr.. Ens  

Adair, E. L. RT1C   Bork, R. J. S2C
Addington, M. L. RDM3C   Borkowski, S. F1C
Adkins, J. L. F3C   Bouchez, R. L. S2C
Adkins, R. W. S2C   Bowers, H. C. F1C
Albert, W. F. F3C   Bowser, J. D. TM3C
Allen, F. S. MATT1C   Boyer, L. M., Jr. S1C
Allen, W. 0. PHM1C   Brand, R. E. QM3
Altman, J. S2C   Buch, H. W. CTM
Amerson, C. E. BM2C   Burger, F. CMM
Anderson, L. N. F2C   Burton, W. RDM3C
Anderson, M. A. S2C   Carey, M. F. S1C
Archer, F. F. F3C   Carnes, W. R., Jr. S1C
Ashmore, W. L. CWT   Carroll, W. H. S1C
August, E. G. S2C   Chaitoff, M. F3C
Baird, 0. A. F1C   Chapman, H. E. TM3C
Barker, J. J. S2C   Cheney. P. E. Y3C
Barron, W. J. S1C   Church, E. J. SF3C
Basiaga, L. S., Jr. S2C   Churchman, F. K. S2C
Bates, F. F. MM2C   Clark, J. L. S2C
Bayhi, Wm., Jr. S2C   Clark, P. S2C
Beane, R. G. MM2C   Cleary, F. X. CQM
Beason, A. S2C   Clemons, J. L. MM2C
Beck, G. E. F3C   Collins, J. A. S2C
Belcher, R. F. SOM3C   Conrad, P. A. CEM
Bell, H. F. OS3C   Cornelson A. B. EM1C
Bennett, C. E. S2C   Cornelius, C. M. MM1C
Bevell, L. L. S2C   Cornelly, L. J. SM3C
Bigman, R. D. S2C   Cress, W., Jr. S1C
Bishop, R. L., Jr. GM2C   Crockett, C. F3C
Bisognani, R. MM2C   Culver, H. W. S1C
Blaisdell, F. L. MS1C   Dandy, A. L. GM3C
Boesdorfer, C. E. MM2C   Daniecki, H. J. S2C

Darmody, D. T., Jr. S1C   Fugate, B. L. S1C
Davis, C. M. MM2C   Garrett, D. C. FC3C
Davis, W. H. TM2C   Gaston, J. S. STM3C
Dechaume, W. H. S1C   Gendreau, A. P. SF1C
Delany, R. J. S2C   Germond, H. W. S2C
Delguzzi, B. B. RM1C   Gettys, L. W. RM3C
Delozier, W. E. F1C   Geyer, W. E. SK2C
Demello, R. FC3C   Gibbs, B. G. GM2C
Denien, J. L. CBM   Gladney, C. V. S2C
Dewell, C. B. S2C   Graves, W. J. S2C
Dighton, G. M. TM3C   Gray, J. E. WT1C
Dobyns, R. E. GM3C   Green, J. W. S2C
Douglas, R. W. S2C   Greene, H. S. GM3C
Duff V. V. RDMC   Gregg, R. St. Clair S1C
Duplechin, A. J. F3C   Grys, F. J. F3C
Dyke, T. H. F2C   Gutierrez, R. S2C
Dykes, J. W., Jr. S1C   Haas, R. C TM3C
Eddleton, J. W. TM3C   Haefner, R. L. S1C
Eisenstat, M. S. SOM3C   Hall, L. D. S2C
Elledge, 0. H. S1C   Hamilton, T. A. COX
Ellerbee, L. W. S2C   Hartmann, R. R. S2C
Eli, F., Jr. S2C   Hartsell, C. L. B1C
Ellsworth, M. E. EM3C   Hatfield, H. J. S1C
Ensley, B. D., Jr. S1C   Hayes, W. L., Jr. F3C
Evanick, M. GM2C   Hays, D. R. F3C
Farrell, Matthew, Jr. S2C   Henry, C. D. S2C
Felmet, C. N. S2C   Henson, N. C. S1C
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Foley, C. P. EM2C   Hoffman, T. I. F2C
Franklin, J. MA2C   Holubec, W. C. TM3C

Hromi, M. R. F3C   Longshore. A. G. SC3C
Hubbard, J. F. COX   Lott, A. H., Jr. S2C
Hughart, R. K. F1C   Makinson. M. E. SOM2C
Humphrey, C. G. MM1C   Markle, R. L. RM3C
Iholts, R. J. S1C   Matthews, W. S. F2C
Jackson, E. E. SC2C   Matuszczak. S. A. S2C
Jackson, J. W. GM3C   Mayfield, W. R. RM2C
Jarret, N. Q. F3C   McBurney, H. E. SOM3C
Jernigan, F. S1C   McClanahan, H. W. S1C C
Johns, E. J. FC2C   McCormick, W. L. RDM3C
Johnson, F. S1C   McCullough, W. F. S2C
Johnson, 0. A., Jr. RDM3C   McCurn, J. L. STM3C
Johnson, R. T. RDM3C   McNeely, B. H. CSK
Katz, R. J. PHM3C   Meeker, J. P. SC1C
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Kenner, B. F. S2C   Morgan, W. A. F2C
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Knox, C. D. SC3C   Nave, A. P. S2C
Kock, W. H. CM1C   Needham, H. M. S1C
Kohl, C. J. RDM3C   Needles, W. A. S1C
Konoske, C. J. S1C   Nelson, S. G. S2C
Kutz, A. G. S2C   Norton, L. F. GM3C
Lansdale, C. A. FC2C   Oberly, C. H. SOM3C
Laramore, C. R. F3C   Opichka, A. D. S2C
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Latham, J. D. S1C   Pawlacyk, V. S1C
Leahy, M. J. F3C   Phillips, J. T. S1C
Lease, J. Y1C   Pierce, G. F3C
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Lindgren, D. R. S2C   Petramale, F. M. MM2C

Plautz, W. P. F3C   Sklenar, J. A. F1C
Pledger, J. C. S2C   Skrzynski, S. P. S2C
Poe, H. E. GM3C   Smith, C. G. GM3C
Poirier, L. J. F3C   Smith, E. S2C
Polk, L. G., Jr. COX   Smith, F. L. MM1C
Potts, H. C. S1C   Smith, G. E. WT1C
Povlick, F. C. S1C   Smith, J. F. S2C
Probst, V. D. FC3C   Smith, R. D. S2C
Pullin, J. J. WT2C   Sorrells, L. G. F2C
Quinn, R. W. GM3C   Steen, A. R. TM1C
Ragland, N. MA1C   Stewart, H. E. S2C
Rambo, B. W. WT2C   Suman, A. L. SM2C
Reilly, E. H. CTM   Sweet, C. P. MM1C
Rembowski, E. S. Y3C   Tara, A. E. RM3C
Rennier, M. A. S2C   Taylor, J. L. S2C
Riccardi, R. R. S2C   Thomas, W. B. F3C
Rider, B. R. F3C   Timm CGM
Riggins, D. W CFC   Tricoskie. E. A. RM3C
Ruddick, C. A. S2C   Urlaub, R. V. F3C
Ruffing, F. M. SOM3C   Valancius. E. R. S2C
Rushton, J. M. GM3C   Vandagriff, W. A. BM1C
Russell, W. S. F2C   Vestal, C. L. S2C
Rutledge, H. B. F2C   Victor, C. N. S2C
Saxon, E. F1C   Wardle, L. F1C
Schloemer, J. C. RM3C   Watt, M. M. S2C
Seifert, C. B. MM2C   Welch, R. F. Y1C
Seroskie, R. J. RM3C   Willaman. E S., Jr. S2C
Shaw, P. E. CMM   Wilson, W. F. MM1C
Sheppard, W. D. F1C   Wright, C. E. SM2C
Shifferly, W. C. F1C   Wright, E. S. Jr. BM2C
Silva, A. CMM   Zerba, B. L. SK2C

McLanahan crewman Bruce D. Ensley Jr. and Marcella Walters

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